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Major Opportunities… but for who?

In 1992, a Johnson & Johnson (J&J) memo titled ‘Major Opportunities’ suggested the company “investigate ethnic (African American and Hispanic) opportunities to grow the franchise.”

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Currently Investigating: Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

Malicious Marketing

While target marketing can be very useful to consumer products companies, J&J’s marketing is malicious because it was aware of the potential carcinogenic effects of prolonged talc use. In the same 1992 memo, the company lists “negative publicity caused by ‘cancer linkage’ as a major obstacle to the brand instituting “an adult Hispanic media program and … adult black print effort.”


Increased Ovarian Cancer Risk

Studies have shown that African American and Hispanic women tend to have lower rates of ovarian cancer than Caucasian women. Despite this data, all of these demographic groups have an exponentially higher likelihood to develop talc-related cancer. We believe this increased exposure is directly attributable to the company’s marketing efforts.


What’s the Connection?

During pathology, doctors may find talc particles embedded within the tissue of a patient’s ovaries when viewed under a microscope.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies are obligated to notify consumers if a product is potentially harmful. J&J knew the dangers of talc. Further, it implemented measures to bury the evidence related to its knowledge of the risk associated with using its talcum powder products.

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